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About Us

Accelerate Montana offers a broad range of programs to benefit businesses and individuals alike - regardless of where you live or work in Montana. In order to meet our mission of accelerating economic potential, we have assembled teams who can support, guide, and consult with you on your business or help guide you in your career.

Through the broad range of our programs, we strive to help build business capacity and support Montana's economic development. Members of our team are expert at guiding entrepreneurs through the start-up of a business: from launch phase to its early stages as a young company. And, our network of peers allows us to help regardless of where those entrepreneurs live in our state.

We have a range of programs designed to support Montana's small businesses in addition to programs that can enable businesses small or large to access new markets overseas or ensure that their company is considered for state or federal contracting. And we have team members that can connect businesses to the basic advice, tools and skills that every business needs to function.


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