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Ascent Vision is a U.S. based technology company specializing in precision technologies for the manned and unmanned aerospace industry. In particular, Ascent manufactures and distributes best-in-class Gimbal systems throughout the Americas and Africa. Ascent also designs and manufactures integration mounts and proprietary software programs for its full line of Gimbals. In addition to aerial applications, Ascent pursues integration of its systems into ground-based vehicles, maritime vessels, and other platforms benefiting from Gyro Stabilized camera systems. Ascent Vision starts 2017 with success selling into the industries of aviation, self driving cars, counter UAS systems and ground based military applications.


Based in Bozeman, Montana, Ascent Vision enjoys a unique geographical advantage due to its proximity to some of the worlds leading photonics companies as well as Montana State University. MSU is a highly regarded technical center for Aerospace Engineering, UAV Development, and Laser Optics research.

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