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About Us

Sweetgrass Development is a private, non-profit corporation created in 2004 to support economic development in the counties of Glacier, Cascade, Pondera, Teton and Toole, as well as the Blackfeet Nation. We are a diverse area that includes a large metropolitan area, many small towns, rural farming areas, several Hutterite Colonies and the Blackfeet Reservation.

A seventeen member Board of Directors governs Sweetgrass Development. The Board is comprised of community leaders who are elected or appointed officials as well as business owners and representatives of the communities.

The Board of Sweetgrass Development, in partnership with the Montana State University Extension Local Government Center (MSU-LGC), Browning Community Development Corporation (BCDC) and Southeastern Montana Economic Development District (SEMEDD), prepare a five-year plan to identify and implement economic needs in the region. This plan is a living document that will be updated each year.


Our executive director in Kalispell for the Fall 2021 MEDA Conference!
Our 2021 Impact Awards from the Montana Economic Developers' Association!
Our executive director meeting with the Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce!
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